Monday, June 21, 2010

Birth of a storm

Tom and I were sitting on the screened porch Saturday had been very hot and humid all day, but no sign of any rain. It began to cool off and blow a little bit. Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared over Catherine Knob.... We watched this storm grow and move slowly to the east. The lightening and thunder was incredible, and we were glad it was already past us when it finally blew up. It was a wonderful fireworks show for at least half an hour....There was a severe thunderstorm warning for Roaring Gap and Wilkes County on the TV - hail, wind and deadly lightning. And it all started just east of us.....

It's been a good month - Tom finally got back to his favorite activities this past weekend....spraying roses and mowing on his tractor - lopping off the thistle.

This month, I planted 267 (yes, I counted them....) Lily of the Valley bulbs along the driveway in the rhododendrons.

And my Dahlias are coming up....
And the flower barrels are enjoying all the sunshine and frequent rain!

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