Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Perfect July weekend

What a perfect weekend...beautiful sunny days and cool nights. You can't ask for more! dahlias are starting to bloom!

Sunday morning, we headed up to the Bluffs for breakfast and then some hiking/birdwatching in the picnic area. The butterflies were everywhere....

Then we walked out to the outcrop on Alligator Back to admire the view

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another great 4th!

First of you know what this is???
Tom came back from bush-hogging and made me walk out to the field to look at it. He thought it looked like some sort of WWII bomb. So what's your guess? Answer is at the bottom of this entry!On Saturday, Tom and I went geocaching in the Mount Rogers Recreational Area - what a wonderful spot! We took 16 up to Troutdale, the 603 over to Damascus. Then we got a wild hair, and took 91 down to Mountain City, TN, and 88 back to Laurel Springs. Great scenery, and we saw some really remote parts of Ashe county.
On Sunday, our neighbors, Donna and Raymond, came up with some friends of theirs from Texas. Don got right into the spirit of relaxation by giving Ellen a shoulder rub.
And Ellen found the chair that seems to make everyone smile and relax as soon as they sit down...

We took on some really intense activities like jigsaw puzzles.
And of course, we got it finished before we left. It was a real bear! (GROAN...)
And now, the answer you've all been waiting for.....
It was one of the tractor lights that had fallen off while he was bush-hogging!!!!