Monday, August 24, 2009

Lucy's birthday

Sunday was Lucy's birthday, so we all went up to spend the weekend at the Roost (her choice!). We did a lot of porch sitting, since the weather was cool and windy.

Tom and his loyal minion....Last weekend, we picked up my new china cabinet for the kitchen - what do you think?
I love it!

And I forgot to take a picture last time of our housewarming gift from John and Patty - it's a large trivet that we plan to hang on the porch near the table.

Sunday morning was cool and foggy and I went out for an early walk to see a beautiful sunrise. I saw 5 deer (2 adults and 3 babies), and a beautiful red fox.

I found a few new wildflowers - Viper's Blugloss.....
and Boneset.
There are lots of others blooming, but that's all I took pictures of!

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Citiots" come to the Country

This weekend my cousins, Patty and John, came up from Raleigh to visit the Roost. We had a great time - the boys went to the dump and the hardware store, and the girls went cruising on the Parkway and antiquing!Here are some of our purchases: A small vase and S&P shakers A great looking plate....
And the best purchase of all - the piece of furniture for my kitchen corner! We'll pick it up next weekend and I'll post a picture in the house later. My cousin John is a master electrician, so he crawled up in the attic and said we could move the thermostat (which is now right in the middle of that wall). He's coming back in the fall to move it for us.

Wildlife was abundant this weekend - There is a mother deer with a set of twins (no picture, sorry!) and the turkeys came out every evening to feed for several hours - there are 3 adults and about a dozen younguns...
Saturday evening was filled with drinking and talking...
And, Rilla, I finally hung the great pictures that you brought up! They look perfect in the Twin Room!