Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August has arrived and so have the blackberries!

It has been a wonderful 2 weeks at the Roost - hot, but not nearly as hot as here at home!

You could see the humidity even at sunrise

The butterflies were everywhere!

We had 2 different flocks of turkeys to visit....a group of adults that frequented the backyard

And a set of babies in the front - with a bonus of a beautiful pileated woodpecker!

The zucchini that we stock in the ground as an afterthought has flourished!

And my dahlias are growing like weeds!

And I finally got a chance to pick some blackberries.
They went from this....

to this.....

to this!

And I forgot last time to take a picture of the great new napkins that my neighbor Donna brought last visit

And just as an aside...can you tell how traumatized Suzie is about having the house to herself now??????