Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May and Mother's Day

Well, it's May, and you know what that means - Mother's Day! I took my Mom up on Friday, and Tom's mom came up Sunday for an afternoon. Unfortunately, it was way too cold to sit on the porch or deck (35 degree on Sunday morning!), so we were stuck in the den...Saturday morning, we woke up to the clouds blowing by and eventually some rain. It rained hard for less than a minute - then it was over!

The cows are back for their summer grazing - including Beatrice (that's our cow - the red one with the white face)
The turkeys are back too!

And we are LOADED with goldfinches! One weekend in April, there were so many in the trees, you couldn't hear anything but their song - there must have been at least 100 around the house.
One weekend in April while Tom was off playing golf at the beach, I went up with one of my co-workers to get some work done. Honestly, we really did work....

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