Monday, June 22, 2009


We took our mothers up this weekend, but I didn't take any family photos. Early Sunday morning, I took a walk with my camera so I could identify the wildflowers blooming right now.
And, of course, Beatrice had to check me out and see if possibly I had any apples....
The grapevine is looking really good

with lots of tiny little grapes...

The Rhododendrons are starting to bloom

I had the hardest time identifying this flower - growing between the rhododendrons down by the creek - and guess what it is? A wild raisin!

And out in the fields - common yarrow

and Tom's favorite - Bull Thistle

Oxeye daisies

Moth Mullein

your basic Buttercups
And last but not least - it looks like it will be a bumper crop of blackberries for this summer!

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