Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The girls will be happy.....

Well, the girls will be really happy when we go up this weekend.....they now have a dog lot and won't have to be chained anymore!

We came up last Friday just for the day to mow and take some things back and forth. As we drove up - lo and behold - our neighbors (Donald and John) were installing the hook and chain on the gate. John says we'll have the happiest dogs in the neighborhood - they have their own yard, their own porch and their own deck! And a beautiful view to boot!
The lot comes off the side porch, so we can let them in and out the den door. And they'll have plenty of shelter below the stairs and porch. or on the porch if we don't put up a gate. Boy do we love our dogs!!!!!

And just for fun - here's a beautiful rainbow outside our "real house"....I guess there are some reasons to like all the rain besides having plenty of water to drink!

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