Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Great Gifts from Good Friends

We have had some wonderful gifts from our friends and family for the Roost....First of all, my good friend Glenda gave us this fabulous sign for our new place for Christmas. Our neighbors gave us a nice 27-inch television to replace the 19 inch one we were squinting at from across the room. My friend Sherree gave us two VERY nice deck chairs for the porch. And my Mom bought us a small breakfast bar to put in front of the kitchen island (since I wasn't smart enough to have them build a counter when I designed it!) It gives people a place to hang out in the kitchen without being in the way!

I have finished (almost!) recovering the "Charlie Brown" chair I bought at the consignment store for $25. I think it turned out pretty well and looks just perfect next to the hearth.

We were up this weekend, but the weather was horrible - here is what we woke up to on Monday morning......
But the most fun was when I arrived on Sunday to find there had been an INVASION of mice! All over the house!!! The kitchen cabinets, the bedrooms, the closets - you name it, they were there. Somehow they even managed to get in the dishwasher, which was latched. We put out lots of mouse bait, but needless to say, I didn't sleep well on Sunday night. I spent most of the day Sunday washing everything only to find on Monday morning they'd been at it again. We're going back up this weekend to see if we can get it under control.....Anyone got a black snake or cat they want to lend us??????

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