Monday, October 27, 2008

Almost done!

We should have a CO (Certificate of Occupancy) this week! Which means they will connect the electricity either this week or next week. We'll be going up this weekend and starting the move of all the furniture, kitchen stuff, etc from the old house. Can't wait!

Anyway, here are the latest photos from this past weekend......

The skylights in the porch roof - didn't he do a beautiful job with the ceiling!

The cathedral ceiling of the screened porch - we'll be adding the screen next spring after we stain the woodwork.

The French doors into the living room....

The beautiful fall colors - past peak, but still beautiful!

Can anyone tell me what Tom is doing? First correct answer gets a voucher for a weekend visit at the Redd Roost!!!

1 comment:

Rilla said...

Tom is christening the deck or as the 'girls' would say he is proud of the house and wants everyone to know that it is his.