Friday, October 3, 2008

Construction update

Progress has been made! If you notice the new title photo, we've got a deck and most of a porch! The porches have been finished this week, and the roofers should start next week. Next week, the well will be hooked up to the pump under the house, and they will install the heat pump. What's left? The electricity and plumbing have to be hooked up and a few other odds and ends. But the goal is to be finished by the end of the month. We're really hoping to be able to spend Thanksgiving up there.....

On the furnishings front, I'm working on my chairs for the dining room, and I bought another used chair. It's sort of a "Charlie Brown" chair - it looked like it needed a home, and I think will be perfect to sit next to the hearth. I'll recover it of course. I'll add a picture in my next post.

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