Sunday, September 14, 2008

The small cabin becomes a house.....

The idea to build actually came from my cousin day, she said "You just need to go ahead and build my guest house up on the hill. Then you can build your dream house later!" Little did she know that she would start this whole process! We started thinking about it, and decided it would be a great idea. We even had a second house site on our land (we have 30 acres) that would be perfect.

So the exploration of the idea began. What would we build? We didn't want to get into designing and building a traditional house - just a small 1000 sqft cabin would be perfect! We did some research , talked to the modular home people and realized that a modular would both quick and relatively inexpensive.

The next step would be getting a road to the new house......simple, huh? We brought our grader out to the site and after much suveying and talking about options, he declared that a road to this site would be $30,000 as a conservative estimate! And the grading of the site would be at least another $10,000! So that idea was ditched pretty fast........

So we went back to our original "dream house" site, which already had a road to it, and was partially graded years ago by the previous owner. Since we were building on our primary site, we decided to grow the house into something bigger - now it's a 1400 sqft 3 bedroom, 2 bath house. Big enough to live in, but still small enough to keep up easily.

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