Sunday, September 14, 2008

Setting the house

The foundation took forever.....after grading, we had to wait forever on the state to approve the footer plan. Once approved, the grader had to mark the footers and wait for an inspection. Then after pouring the footers, another inspection. Finally the masons could start the foundation. Unfortunately, we didn't get a good pictures of the whole foundation before the house was set, so no photo. The foundation looked really high, but after contemplating it for a bit, we decided we really liked it. After the foundation was laid, the home people had to bolt the house plate to the foundation. By this time, the house was finished and sitting on the lot in Sparta.

As Hurricane Hanna was approaching, the modular home people decided to set our house before the rains came. We almost missed it, since it was a last minute decision. It was pretty wild to see them bringing the house up the road and setting it with the crane.
Here's the first half before it was set on the can see the fireplace, the small side porch, and one corner of the foundation.

It really something to see a house swinging in the air.
Watch and see for yourself!

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