Sunday, December 6, 2009

Painting and Farewell? to Beatrice

Last weekend, we decided to paint the kitchen - needless to say clearing off the counters was a real pain... Tom cuts some corners...

and stretches to get the far corners...
When it was all done - it was beautiful, but I forgot to take a picture! Next time, I'll show you the finished product. Along with our new beautiful screened porch, which I also forgot to immortalize digitally.
Now on to Beatrice. Most of you know that we have a cow, Beatrice. The man that grazes his cattle on our land keeps her over the winter, breeds her, and sells her calf for us every fall. Well, we came up and found that he had taken all of the cows off for the winter except for Beatrice. He stopped by that weekend and said he was getting out of the cattle business - couldn't find any good help and it was just getting to be too much for him....What did we want to do with Beatrice? After some discussion, he said he might want to keep a few cows and maybe use our pasture again. He'd let us know the next week. If he didn't want to use the pasture, he'd take Beatrice to market for us.
So we came to the Roost thinking that this might be Beatrice's last weekend. We brought a bag of apples so we could feed her one more time...
Of course, the pig was right there as soon as she heard the plastic...

Now where did he hide them?

There they are!

I need another one...NOW!

Oh no....they're all gone!
Well, the good news is that John has decided to use our pasture again, so Beatrice will be back next year!
And...totally unrelated, there are some gorgeous red berries this year!

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