Monday, January 26, 2009

The mouse wars are over for now!

Yes, the mice are gone for now....even after all this cold weather the past week and a half. I was even brave enough to thoroughly clean and put everything back in the drawers and cabinets. We'll see.........

And the house survived the cold weather perfectly - no busted pipes, leaks or other consequences - except of course, the power bill!

I spent the weekend cleaning, and Tom worked outside taking down some trees to improve our view from the deck.

And here are a few presents for the Roost that I forgot to include in earlier blogs.....

One of my colleagues at the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation gave me this window hanging - it doesn't compete with Lee's message on her barn, but the sentiment is the same!

Tom's ex-wife gave us this great collage of family photos taken at Savannah's birthday party in November - it is our first hung picture at the Roost!

And Lucy found this great chicken for us - she now guards the "Twin Suite"!

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